About Dyadin

What is Dyadin?

Dyadin is a 3D action puzzle game for two players at one time. Each player must navigate their character through the gamespace by closely interacting with one another both in the virtual sense and the real. The game is played on two personal computers located next to each other.

Each player’s screen acts as a viewport to their own world, reflecting the choices made by both players. Each player’s world is overlayed on top of the others, allowing for each player to see the actions of their team mate and to make decisions based on a variety of visual stimuli. The characters can affect the world around them when they are "harmonized" ie. the same color. This is acheived by placing both characters within a set distance of each other. When the player characters are farthest apart, they are blue. When they are within mid-range, they are green and when they are directly on top of one another, they are yellow. Players may choose to emit a sound wave or vibration from their bodies called a "ping". This ping allows them to affect glass walls and kill enemies.

The Story of Dyadin

Within the depths of space and time, two planets converge upon one another unexpectedly, throwing the laws of physics into chaotic motion. As the planets slip faster and faster towards one another, a violent phenomenon takes place. The worlds collide, but with such force and magnitude that both planets fuse with one another, creating a unique and strange place. We find our characters trapped amongst the chaos, struggling to figure out the new laws of their once beloved home. For the first time, they discover each other’s presence. They are in awe. As they become more familiar with their surroundings, they find they have the power to affect their environment based on their proximity and color. With these newly discovered powers, they set out to uncover the source of this destruction and hopefully the means to restore peace and order to their lives and home.

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